I’m cooked

It has recently come to my attention that when I said “I do not like cooking,” that may comments may have been misunderstood.

Let me be clear:

-I like cooking when its used as a term. Like, “Now you’re cooking!” This is usually said under circumstances such as when I’ve offered some brilliant solution to a problem, or I’m getting a lot of work done quickly, or I’m answering several trivia questions correctly, right in a row. When this is said, it makes me feel good about myself.

-I like cooking when it is a lazy Sunday afternoon. My husband is watching some football game, my children have found some activity to occupy them that doesn’t require me to stand over them and assist. This leaves me free to roam slowly about the kitchen while assembling ingredients and drinking large amounts of red wine while my dish comes together. I especially like this kind of cooking when it accomplishes me getting buzzed by dinner time.

-But, most of all, I like cooking when someone is doing it for me.


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