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Signs of spring

I was on my evening walk, when I passed my neighbor coming out to her car. She lives just far enough down the road that, like a true New Englander, I recognize her face, but don’t know her name. She … Continue reading

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Still resolved

The picture sat staring at me from my Facebook feed.  A delicious, icy, salted Margarita. By far, my favorite cocktail. “It’s arrived,” read the caption. “Ditch Your New Resolutions Day! Tell us which resolutions are going bye-bye.” I guess it … Continue reading

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The consequence of not knowing when to say “no”

For the last few days, Child #1 has been tailing me around the house asking me to purchase for him some virtual currency used in the video-game world he inhabits one-to-two hours each day. It is a tiny little piece … Continue reading

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The problem with playtime

It’s a gorgeous summer day as we bust through the gates of our local park, ready for what I hope will be hours of fun-filled, energy-sapping movement and activity. Five minutes after we arrive, my seven year old asks me … Continue reading

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I once heard a very poignant and moving interview with an author dying of cancer. He said to the question of “Why me?” he often responded with “Why not me?” His feeling was that he had lived a wonderful, fulfilling … Continue reading

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Working mothers are happier, healthier

A new study being talked about this week finds working mothers report higher rates of happiness and healthfulness than stay-at-home moms. From a Huffington Post story on the research: According to a recent study by the American Psychological Association of … Continue reading

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I’m cooked

It has recently come to my attention that when I said “I do not like cooking,” that may comments may have been misunderstood. Let me be clear: -I like cooking when its used as a term. Like, “Now you’re cooking!” … Continue reading

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What? No babies?

I launched this blog because I wanted to explore the concept of trying to “have it all,” and mainly my motivation revolved around trying to have a successful career and a family. While I haven’t posted much on that particular … Continue reading

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Ronald McDonald is not the devil

OK, let’s just all get our shit together here and stop obsessing about how McDonald’s is contributing to the downfall of civilization. I’d like to start this argument by detailing my background with McDonald’s – or as many people view … Continue reading

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Morbid Curiosity

The White House has declared it won’t be releasing the photo of Osama bin Laden’s dead body after a team of Navy SEAL bad asses went into his hideaway compound in Pakistan and took the son-of-a-b*tch out the other day. … Continue reading

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